Women Business Owners: Representing Successful Women in Business

When you join the National Association of Women Business Owners in Southeastern Virginia, or NAWBO SEVA, you’ll be able to exchange ideas and information with other members around America who have encountered similar business challenges and experiences. We’re an active team of industry-leading professionals who build strategic alliances and share innovative ideas to expand the personal and corporate growth of women business owners.

Our vision is to create a supportive atmosphere where professional women can meet, network, and grow, both professionally and socially. With a goal of representing successful women in business, we focus on the problems, opportunities, and decisions of the meeting’s host to improve personal and professional performance while becoming more competitive by learning from each other’s successes and mistakes.

Vision and Mission

We’re the only dues-based organization that represents the interests of women entrepreneurs across all industries, boasting over 5000 members and 60 chapters across the United States. As a beacon for ingenuity, influence, and action, we are uniquely positioned to provide insightful commentary on issues that are important to women business owners around the world. We strive to leverage the unique attributed and influence that increasingly place entrepreneurial women in dynamic leadership roles.

With far-reaching clout and impact, we’re proud to propel women business owners into greater economic, social, and political spheres by:

  • Building strategic affiliations, alliances, and coalitions
  • Creating innovative and effective change
  • Strengthening the wealth-creating capacity of our members
  • Promoting economic development within the business community
  • Transforming public policy and influencing opinion makers

The many milestones we have achieved and the awards our members have received exemplify the rich history of success that our organization and our members have enjoyed.

How Do I Become a Member?

Membership is open to sole proprietors, business partners, and corporate owners with day-to-day management responsibility. Active members who live in a specific chapter area automatically join both chapter and national. Women who do not live in a specific chapter area join us as members at large.

Diversity Statement

In both principle and practice, we seek a diverse and all-inclusive membership. Our mission is to support and empower women entrepreneurs regardless of age, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, or national origin. Through our members, we are proud to effectively represent the diversity of the women business owner through the full spectrum of our membership.

For more information about joining our elite organization, contact us today!

In Southeastern Virginia, NAWBO SEVA supports women entrepreneurs and women business owners through insightful leadership and networking opportunities. To learn how you can join our professional organization, contact us today.